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A parting word on blogging at conferences

Posted by comartslibrarian on April 19, 2007

This year’s Computers in Libraries (CIL) conference was the first in which I blogged in real-time, after it turned out free wifi was available (most of the time).

I did not try to record a verbatim transcript of each oral or Powerpoint presentation, but focused on the highlights — just as if I would with a paper notepad. One key difference, however… I found that knowing my notes/blog would be publicly accessible motivated me and helped me focus more critically than if I had been a passive listener, recording notes privately on a notepad.

This prompts another supposition. Blogging was promoted as a teaching tool at CIL. Could blogging become an effective educational assessment tool (i.e. requiring students to blog their notes from a lecture or reading)?


2 Responses to “A parting word on blogging at conferences”

  1. Nicole said

    Actually – at work we’re required to post summaries of what we learn and that’s where I started my blog, I think it’s a great way to reflect back on what you learned and summarize for others.

    I do not blog in real-time though – I want to time to reflect and write in paragraph form instead of bulleted notes.

    I agree with you though – it’s a great way to help you pay attention and absorb more!!

  2. […] at The Compass there is a post about blogging a conference: I found that knowing my notes/blog would be publicly […]

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